Vaaldam Information Portal

Vaaldam, Deneysville, Oranjeville,Vaal Marina

We use the latest Technology and have many years experience in Building Websites for

Business, Industry and organisations such as Schools and Clubs.

Sites are optimised for search engines such as Google to ensure that your website features

high when relevant data is entered by a person trying to find the service that you offer.

We use an IDE ( Integrated Development Environment ) to reduce development time and

therefore cost to Clients when building a website. Flash, Sound and Video can be integrated

into the site if required. We also do Photography and Logo Design.

More than 50 sites have been developed to date ranging from a private website for an

International Cell Phone Company, Travel, Schools, Engineering Business, Recreation, Clothing, Camping,

Children Parties, Furniture Manufacturing, Estate Agent, Dancing School etc.

If required we will train you to maintain your website to reduce cost

Below are some Websites developed recently - Click on name to view